What else could go wrong (not baby related)

So today I get ready for some baby prep. Figured I'd mop my room, boil some bottles, wash some clothes. Nope! Water is out. No explanation, just no water at all in the house. We call and try to get it fixed. The repair people are "on the way". They never show. Still no water.

OH well, let's go grocery shopping. Husband has been out of work for a few months and STILL hasn't found a new job, so we have been using wic and food stamps while he looks. It's the 15th, so food stamp day. We call to check balance just in case...... And they didn't renew. I call the number and they say that my account is active and current and that I should be getting the amount I normally receive. But I didn't. Of course, now it's after five, so I can't talk to anybody. The automated voice said "the next date you will receive benefits is: 31st". No month. So is it January? March? What is going on? But it's the weekend so I'm SOL.

I have a $30 Walmart gift card. I was going to use it for some items for the hospital since I'm just two weeks before baby. Not anymore. I have to make sure my toddler and I are good to eat for the weekend before I can get the food stamps worked out on hopefully monday. Go to Walmart. Calculate what I can get with the gift card and apparently I was off by a good bit because I had to leave a ton of stuff at the register. I break down in tears while checking out. Crying hysterically. The cashier didn't know what to do or say. It was so embarrassing.

Today has just been an absolutely shit day. I'm just waiting for labor to somehow start this weekend when I can't even wash or boil bottles for him.