Over 2 weeks late and negative tests!


Ok ladies, towards the end of December I had to come off birth control. 2 days before, me and my fiancé had sex and the day after I had a period (from stopping birth control). That was December 31st and I have yet to start another period.

Every time I think “ok it’s coming, I can feel it” it just never comes. I’ve always been irregular but I usually only ever go a week late.

The week before my supposed period I was EXHAUSTED. Like, going to bed at 7:30 exhausted, but that went away than God lol And I’d been cramping off and on but I waited until I missed my period to test. Negative.

I had a little boy via c-section in July so the feeing is still pretty fresh lol but if I am pregnant I’m confused as to why it’s not showing positive. And if I’m not then where the hell is my period! Lol

I’m having to pee a lot, and I keep feeling pressure where my scar is and sometimes when I go to the bathroom I feel like my uterus is gonna fall out 🙈 (not in a painful way lol)

Any thoughts? Ugh!