Life and death scare, am I overreacting?

My boyfriend and I just got done having a wonderful dinner with my brother and his wife. We were an hour away from home and I fell asleep in the car. I wake up to my head jerking because he’s slamming on the breaks. I look around scared af “what’s going on”. He’s like “this asshole keeps riding me so now I’m gonna go slow af and not let him pass me”. I’m like so fucking confused. After a min or so I tell my boyfriend “this is dangerous as fuck you need to stop. People are crazy what if he has a weapon” and my boyfriend is like “then he’ll get this work”. I am like “how you gonna do something from inside the car!” Next thing I know this crazy car is able to get next to us. It’s a big man in mini van. He’s screaming nearly falling out of his window, he’s on my side (passenger side). I am scared for my fucking life. Next thing you know this guy try’s to ram his mini van into us , AGAIN ON MY FUCKING SIDE OF THE CAR. My boyfriend speeds off and eventually the car stops following us and gets off the highway. I’m mad as fuck. I don’t even want to look at my man, I don’t know what to do. We have two kids. We just talked and he’s like “what’s wrong” I’m like “you literally put our life in danger. My life! What if something happened?? You would of left our kids with no fucking parents” He’s like “I am sorry what do you want me to do” and I’m like “figure it out”. Am I overreacting, I don’t even want to accept his “I am sorry.” I literally told him it was dangerous and not once did he think about me or our kids. Play with your life without me and our kids involved. Do that shit when your single and don’t have a family. Actually just don’t do it at all. But it’s worse he did it like this. I’m so angry.