I constantly have to remind myself of how far I've come...


This is why I suggest you take photos of your progress! I haven't taken photos like this in a few months & decided to for the fun of it. What I didn't realize was I'm still making progress!

The pic on the left is me 1 year before I divorced my ex. I was 227 pounds (even my posture was terrible!). The pics on the right are from a month after I left him. 197 pounds!

All I did was start eating healthier (& got divorced 😉). No exercise aside from chasing my son around.

This is me today, 190 pounds and my tone is coming back! I'm 💯% good with my weight & size so the last few days I started working on tightening everything.

I'm not there yet, but so close & this time I won't give up on myself!! My body is so sore but I'm still pushing. I keep joking with my bf that soon he won't be the only one with a 6 pack. 😅

I appreciate any tips & advice for toning up cuz I've never been tone. I'm gonna keep sharing my progress for myself & my own accountability.