Please help!


Hi ladies!! I have been super worried since my 20 week anatomy scan that I had on Monday. Everything was going great, her (yes, it’s a girl!) heartbeat, her brain, legs, arms, ect. The nurse said she was a healthy baby. But...for some reason she was not able to “visualize” her face. She tried a few times and she said that she’s having a hard time taking a look at her face. But otherwise, she seemed healthy.

Long story short, my doctor came in and said the same thing as the nurse. But she also said that she wants to make sure everything is going well so she sent me a referral to go for a high risk ultrasound. So, I’m thinking cleft palate? Or something else, maybe?? Idk! But I have been a nervous wreck, thinking the worst. I’m sad, worried, but hopeful. I’m going to attach 3 pics of the ultrasound. What do you guys think!?!? Thx!