Fingers crossed for good news🤞🏾🤞🏾


Okay ladies so my doctor diagnosed me with PCOS back in September and Ive done 3 rounds of Provera and Clomid ! The last round she upped my Clomid to 100mg. OPKs don’t seem to work for me, so I’m not able to tell when I ovulate . WELLLL just this past Monday I started cramping and getting headaches . My left side and my back has been bothering me since last week and my nipples are tender and have been since last week as well !! I mean I can’t even lay on them long and they’ll start to bother me , and normally me laying in my breast aren’t a problem bc I sleep like that sometimes. On Wednesday out of the blue I started spotting . This is the first time all of this has happened since ive been on the medications and she upped my dosage . When I first noticed Wednesday morning , I thought maybe I had just wiped too hard , later on that day I noticed it was more and was reddish/brown and had been like that since . Today I started a little heavier today . I don’t know if this is implantation or maybe just my period coming . I NEVER cramp before periods . Normally the Provera knocks it on for me due to my cycles being wayyyy out of wack .I called my doctor and let her know what was going on and she had me come in to get a blood test and check my progesterone levels. I should find out my results on Monday . I don’t want to get my hopes up too too much and for them to come back and say it’s just a period, but they way I’ve been since last week and everything that happened this week, i want to stay hopeful. So sprinkles some baby dust towards me !! I can sooo use it !! 💖💖💖💖👶🏾