Need suggestions!!!


I'm not a mother myself but I'm dying to have kids. I'm on here every night reading everyone's stories and it just kills me. My husband and I have been married for almost 3 years now. Some people may say I'm still young and have time since I'm 24 but my husband is 27. He doesn't want to be 40 having kids.

I have epilepsy but I'm in the process of getting brain surgery. My neurologist and I have been talking about it for about 4+ years now but progress moves about every 6-9 months. This last time we brought it up he had me get a neuropsychological exam done then would let me know my next step within a week. 3 months later I still hadn't heard from him. I called and made another appointment. Went back and he told me "Sorry I forgot to mention you in our conference we had to talk about surgery options. I will for sure this next one and you'll hear back from me by February 6th since I'm getting surgery on the 11th." In the mean time I had to get an MRI then didn't hear from him. So once again I had to call to find out what the plan was. They told me that my neurologist wants me to get an MEG but that wont be able to happen for several months down the road but in the meantime it's just a waiting game.

My question is do I wait for this surgery to happen if it ever does or give up and have kids like my husband and I would love to and plan surgery for sometime afterwards?

Any feedback is helpful!