HELP!! Bottle / Breastfeeding Advice

Christa • Just a fitness babe who had her first diva 👸🏽

Hi ladies,

I need your guys opinions and any helpful advice on how you guys got your breastfeeding baby to take to a bottle.

I’ve had the lovely luxury of breastfeeding my daughter for 5 months straight so far. I want to start incorporating at least a bottle a day so it’ll be easier when we go on car rides and the vacations we have planned.

I have the Avent bottles & Como Tomo. She didn’t seem to like it. I pump and put some of my breast milk in side. She seemed to latch at first then decided she didn’t like it and would refuse to continue trying to drink it lol

I’ve had my significant other give her the bottle.

Sat her up right.

Tried a new location in the house.

I now even let her hold the bottle herself and play with it so she can try herself.

Now she loves the Soothies from Phillips Avent, she doesn’t hesitate to suck on them, but she doesn’t like any other pacifiers though! So are there any bottles or nipples you guys recommend that are similar? Any techniques that worked for you guys with the transition?