Tmi blood pic


5 days ago I woke up with horrible cramps, then I had a bit of bright pink spotting. Not enough to need a pad but it covered the paper when I wiped. The cramps only lasted about 4 hours and the bleeding stopped for most of the day. Then I had dark brown spotting for 3 days. Again not enough to need a pad but there when I wipe. Finally the brown spotting stopped for a full day and I thought I was in the clear but then the cramps started again. Horrible left side cramps that are keeping me awake and the same amount of bright red spotting... Im just so fucking sick of this, if I'm going to miscarry I'd rather just get it over with. I had a miscarriage last month and the bleeding started heavy then went on for a few days and there was none of this messing around, will I won't I crap. But I'm only 6+2 so my Dr won't even do any tests or anything until I'm bleeding enough to fill a pad.

This is today's blood

This was when the brown blood first started