Can't test

We've been TTC for 17 months. I was due my period on Friday last week and got sore boobs the Monday before which I have gotten pre AF for a while so expected it to be on time. Saturday came and still no show but decided it must just be teasing me and would soon arrive. We then began our weeks holiday. I didn't bother packing a pregnancy test because I had no doubt AF would show. Now its late Monday and still no AF. Still so sure I am not pregnant as I have no symptoms other then sore boobs which I get pre AF anyway. But to put my mind at rest I went out to buy a pregnancy test ready to use tomorrow morning. Annoyingly though where we are holidaying it appears they don't sell pregnancy tests in your average supermarket. You have to go to a pharmacy and probably pay a fortune. So I guess I'm just waiting it out but I'm starting to get my hopes up which I don't want to do because the further I'll fall when AF shows up. Just want to know either way 😣