[TW - suicide] You never know how you’re impacting someone’s life...


I woke up to this message today from a friend that I’ve had since Kindergarten.

We went thru several years in high school where we weren’t really friends because I moved schools and she hung out with people I didn’t get along with.

Here’s a picture of us in 9th grade before I moved away.

One weekend in college, I called her drunk and told her how much I missed her and loved her and wanted her to come out to visit me. I told her to rib for whoever she wanted, I didn’t care, I just really wanted to see her.

She came out the next day.

Which was odd, because we hadn’t seen each other in over a year. I didn’t know anything about what was happening with her at home. But it was such a good weekend. We had so much fun and really rekindled our friendship.

How was I supposed to know that very weekend she had planned to kill herself? Is that a miracle? Is that the universe? Is that fate?

Just putting this out here to remind anyone reading that you have the power to help or hurt people everyday. If your heart is speaking to you and telling you to reach out to someone, please do it. Don’t delay kind words. Don’t be afraid to tell people they matter to you. You never know if it could be the last time, or if that one smile could change the outcome of that persons entire life.