Induction day delayed. Maybe baby soon?

Emily • We’ve got our first 🌈 baby after 4+ years TTC. She’s the light of our lives 🤗 😘 😀

So I have some mixed feelings about my birth story thus far, but I’m ultimately feeling relieved that things are going more with the flow.

Several weeks ago, my OB told me he wanted to induce early based on my “high risk” factor of having chronic high blood pressure. Now this is a pre-existing issue I’ve been medicated for pre and during pregnancy. Most of my bp readings have been 130/85 or lower. There were only two times during the nine months I had anything higher than 130.

It surprised me he wanted to do this today, 2/19, being my EDD is 2/27, putting me at 38 w 6d. Normally they don’t induce before 39 weeks. But he was going out of town on the 20th, leading me to feel a bit pressured.

Well I prepared the week before and filed to start my leave on Monday the 18th.

But although I’ve felt prepared/ready to welcome our baby girl into the world, something just wasn’t sitting right with me.

I thought I’d come to terms with the induction, but Sunday I unraveled a bit and confessed to my husband all my worries.

I just felt rushed into the decision. This being my first, I also want to experience the onset of labor and get to labor at home a bit before needing to get to the hospital. And from a bit of research discovered that induction can cause intense contractions resulting in more of a need for pain medication or epidural (wanting to avoid if possible) Then lastly, there may be more risk of needing a c-section when induced.

Most importantly, I didn’t want to introduce interventions if avoidable. To me, I didn’t see my bp being a concern as it’s been under control with all other no stress tests and ultrasounds (of which I’ve had basically one/week for the past 6 weeks) scoring great. I felt sort of powerless and that while I was trying to “go with the flow” my birth experience would end up negative based on my feeling no sense of control or being properly informed.

So Monday at our checkup, I did aim to express my concern about the induction and wanting more information to feel as if my consent was important. After my urine sample was deposited, I walked into the hospital room and my husband was chatting with the nurse. He was already explaining our concerns and that we wanted to have the conversation with the doctor. I was so grateful! He really supported my feelings in making sure we had the right conversation.

The doctor came in shortly and explained that, yes my tests have been great, so he was comfortable with postponing the induction to next Monday the 25th. He explained that we needed to know the risks, being that blood pressure can spike, but also said he wanted me to be comfortable and they try and aim for the most natural experience as possible.

So now I have the whole week and weekend to see if she’ll get here naturally on her own. I was 2cm at the checkup, so at least it’s promising that could be possible or that my induction next week will go even smoother if I make more progress.

I am hoping to go into labor at home. My husband’s late Father’s birthday is the 23rd so it would be serendipitous if she comes on Saturday. If not, at least I have the peace of mind that we are waiting for a reasonable amount of time (full term) and that the induction will most likely go smoother the more my cervix is prepared.

I do of course keep thinking I could be holding my baby girl right now, quite possibly, if we’d kept the date. It’s bittersweet that way. But I did sleep very well last night which leads me to believe I was even more anxious than I’d realized. I hadn’t slept well until now. (Much needed before baby arrives).

So I’m not at work, but that’s probably for the best. My mom and sister gave me a bit of an awkward guilt trip about postponing (so selfish of me right?) but most people I’ve talked to so far understand that it’s good news to give the baby a chance to make it the natural way, and that it’s positive for my experience with my medical team and my entire birth process. My partner and my doctor have my back and that will make me feel much more confident come show time!