Acne and Proactive🤒!!


About a month ago I purchased proactive md and have been using as directed night and day for as long as I’ve had it. I’m almost out of the face wash and green tea moisturizer (I bought the sampler box kit they were advertising for $29 and canceled the subscription to see how it would work) it’s not going too well to say the least. I really haven’t seen any change in my skin at all. All I can see is more acne popping up. It’s not HORRIBLE, but it is very annoying and discouraging because proactive is advertised to basically work for everyone even in the most sever cases. I don’t think my acne is so bad that I need to go to a dermatologist because I’ve heard they don’t prescribe people with “mild” acne. Maybe proactiveMD just doesn’t work for me and another line would work better? Should I purchase more products and give it more time (people have told me it works from the “inside out” and takes a while to see improvement) but should it take this long? Any other recommendations for face wash and a good moisturizer would help. I can’t find a good moisturizer that doesn’t make me feel oily and nasty or clog my pores. I also prefer facial scrubs over foaming or cream face wash. Any advice would help because I’m ready to get rid of this!!