Birth Control Pregnancy?


So I've been on birth control for two months now and I've been off the pink pills and on the blue placebo pills since Sunday. My period normally hits within two days of being off the main pink pills, but it's Tuesday currently and it hasn't hit. I'm giving it until Friday, but I'm just a tad bit worried since my man and I miscarried our first baby together in November (which is why I went on birth control so we could wait a bit before trying again and I have irregular periods for unknown/undiagnosed reasons after checking with my GYN). I'm planning on taking a test Friday, but I'm still a bit worried. Any calming of my anxiety would be nice.

We aren't against having a baby (we were trying for almost two years before the miscarriage), but we don't feel ready yet and wanted to wait a bit longer. Any advice is appreciated!

Edit: The only symptoms I've really had compared to my last pregnancy is:


Increased hunger

Increased need to pee

Certain foods make me sick, but I haven't had morning sickness or have thrown up yet

My last pregnancy I had: fatigue, hunger, enhanced sense of smell (or at least it seemed like it XD), and dull cramps.