I don’t understand !

The guy I’m currently messing with, we were going together up until last week. He has 4 kids/4 babymothers. Everything was good, we was with each everyday/night, talked all the time, went out, and even I’ve been around the kids, held them and all. Then all of a sudden our vibe changed, he had come into problems with the kids mother and money issue (if you know what I’m saying) and he was going through it, we even talked about it and he expressed his feelings about but last week he just up and decided, I deserve better and he can’t give me what I deserve because things are now different for him and he don’t have the extra money to provide for me like he use too and he feel like I need to live my life considering I’m still in school and he feel like I’ll just lose focus on school and myself if I’m worried about him 🤷🏾‍♀️ I guess I’m taking it so hard because I put in time and effort and everything was just fine not even a week ago. idk I feel as if there is more to it then he is putting on, or am I just paranoid? ☹️