I'm out - Trigger warning *update*

Should be 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow...start spotting slightly today...went to early pregnancy unit, handed them a urine sample as requested...they called me into a lil room.. handed me a piece of tissue with their pregnancy test in it and was basically told "so test came bk negative..ur pregnant anymore"

Still doesn't explain why for past two months I've had spotting at 5 weeks and then again today at almost 10 weeks and no proper period!


spoke to my Gp,she too is shocked no scan was given. Has advised me to continue to go to my first midwife appoint next week...im not gushing blood and can wear same pad for hours and still not fill it but blood there when I wipe. She said I may have had a missed miscarriage but until scan is done a miscarriage cannot be confirmed and a negative urine test definatley doenst confirm it as it's possible go get false negatives. Said midwife may do test next week and if it's negative then we still need to find out where the baby is gone, has my body absorbed it or is it still in there and does a d&c need to be done. Either way I need a scan so the midwife will either book me in for emergency scan or il have to wait til what would be my 12 week scan the following week.