A 3rd J name?

Hellen • Mother of Boys🧒🏼👦🏼👶🏼

I’m having my 3rd boy & would like to keep the J trend going. Our oldest is Jacob, he is named after my husband. Our second is John, who is named after my father that passed when I was younger & John is a family name. We want our boys to have J names after my husband Jarred & if we ever have a girl, she will have a B name after me, Brooke. Now that we have another boy on the way we are having a hard time finding a good J name or even a middle name to go with it. I had a bigger list for a girl 🤦🏻‍♀️

Here are things I like:

Jack (my MIL nickname for my husband)




He likes:




Any suggestions on other J names or middle names to go with these? Last name is Combs