FTM - need advice regarding Braxton Hicks


Hello Beautiful Ladies!

Just a quick backstory, I am a FTM, 37 weeks + 4 days pregnant, carrying a large baby boy as per my OB (growth scan showed he is 2 weeks ahead and weighed over 6lbs at 34 weeks) and my doctor mentioned she thinks he will most likely come early to do his size and my small frame.

For about a month and a half I have had braxton hicks daily, in the beginning they were more frequent at night but now they have been happening all day and at night have been worse with period like cramping and I can tell they are getting stronger. I started to track them and took screenshots of my night last night as they were very consistent, every 5 minutes or less for over an hour.

At night I have found them becoming worse to the point where I'm profusely sweating during them. I'm not too sure what's normal or not as this if my first time experiencing pregnancy.

I started tracking at around 10:30pm as they were going on for about 30 mins prior and decided to see if there was a pattern. I tracked until 11:20ish cause I had to pee and wanted to see if walking and drinking water helped. It did relieve them to an extent but as soon as I went back to bed, they started again. I basically got no sleep but managed to get some intervals of sleep until the am.

As I'm typing this, I am still getting them but they aren't as bad. I believe these really are just Braxton Hicks and not real labor but last night was pretty wild.

So my question is, what is your opinion on the above? Have you experienced this and did you go into labor shortly after? As mentioned I've had braxton hicks for weeks and weeks now and I've heard the more intense they get the closer you are to labor. I would love to hear your advice on what you experienced up until labor and what were your signs?

Baby boy is head down and has been for weeks, I haven't had a cervical check but am experiencing loads of pressure and lighting. I feel like a bowling ball is going to fall out everytime I walk!

I apologize for the long post! Thank you in advance ladies ❤