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I’ve hit my nesting stage, I’ve always enjoyed cleaning and being so organized but lately it’s gotten worst & its a lot harder to do this time around with the pain I’ve been experiencing and having a 10 month old daughter here with me. At the moment me and my boyfriend have to stay with his parents a little bit longer due to financial issues. So we all will be sharing a room & have no idea where to begin or start. And it’s even harder when your boyfriend has no desire to even help. I’ve wanted to clean out his closet for the longest because he has so many uneccesary clothes and stuff in there, that he never wears. And I have a little section in the closet, and I’ve been through that a million times. He has unnecessary stuff in the room that he just has no desire to remove like a couch we rarely use but we need to get rid of because we have another baby coming , and a computer desk that is never used with big ass speakers that don’t even work. Ugh I just want to begin, so I’m not even bigger than I already am and I’m more pain. 😭😭 sorry needed to vent lol