How common? Pregnant possibly

So I have a some what regular cycle, its 34 days. 3 days before I get AF I will Spot, then first day of my period AF comes full force. Well tomorrow I am suppose to start AF, and I have had no spotting! And I have never had this happen, I always spot. I have been getting lots of white creamy discharge and semi stretchy. I also have been feeling so tired, nauseated, not really hungry, moody and my boobs feel full. My question is could I just not get a period this month? Due to whatever reason? Or does it sound like I could be pregnant. I am taking a test tommrow if AF does not show but I want to know how common it is. I have never missed a cycle and my periods have always been the same and spot on.

Thank you😊

UPDATE! I am pregnant! Just took a test❤️ thank you ladies.