Desperate need of help

My best friend has accused my father of something and I’m involved because shes told me and that’s how it’s got out. My father phoned the police to say he had been accused and got arrested. I have the screenshots of our conversation of her saying she doesn’t know if it was him and my father has denied it. Anyway I’m under so much pressure with this I wasn’t there I don’t know who’s telling the truth and im torn. I was under a lot of stress before all this because I have my own things going on. I’m also 12 weeks pregnant and this is affecting me a lot so it’s definitely not good for the baby. The police know I have these screenshots and are interviewing me next week. I really don’t want to go to court against anyone I don’t want to be involved at all and I’m being put in a difficult situation and I’m not coping. What are my options please its making me unwell. Not to mention I have a high risk pregnancy and I just had a miscarriage before getting pregnant with this baby so as you can imagine I’m very worried anything will happen.