Spanked 🤤 (sex story)

Hello ladies,

Last night, I was home alone and had just finished cooking and decided to finish one of my bottle of wine. As I was finishing my wine my husband came home and as he saw me told me I’m a very naughty girl that doesn’t listen. So, as he said that it turned me on. I served him some food and decided to give him some dessert 🍮😉

He started to kiss me throughout my body and as he kissed he inserted his two beautiful fingers into my cupcake and stroked it softly in and out. Making me even more horny. I couldn’t stand his satisfaction anymore and decided to ride on him. I saw such joys in his eyes as I rode faster and faster. I would slowly bite him at times and he would spank my ass very hard. Enjoying every stroke I made against his body and in a blink of an eye he held me so tight as he inserted his load all inside. 🙊🙈😍😍