Progesterone shots


I am on day 2 of progesterone shots. It was a bit horrible yesterday as for the prepping. My husbands out of town so my mother in law was helping me and since the progesterone is in Oil form it is thicker and we had an issue with drawing up the medicine because we were using a 22g just like what I would administer it with. Today she went to my doctor and got 18g needle to draw up the medicine and I warmed it up in my arm first. Then I iced and laid down and put in eat buds and listened to music. I didn’t feel it really. She had to tap my shoulder to tell me we were done. I deff recommend having a heating pad by your side so you can keep the medicine inside warm and flowing. I am sore but that’s just because it’s an intramuscular shot.

Frozen embryo transfer is Monday at 2:45 😊