Cat and 6 week old baby


Hi guys, I need some advice. My cat hates my baby, he has repeatedly tried to bite and scratch her! He keeps sneaking past me when I open the bedroom door to put her down and jumps into her crib to attack her. I made the decision to re-home my cat because not only does he attack her, I can’t deal with all the hair and the litter box smell, I just keep imagining my baby crawling around in the hair and constantly find the hairs on her bottles and in her mouth and it makes me feel physically sick! We found someone online who wanted to adopt the kitty and we set it up to take him there, the night of the adoption my husband decided he didn’t want to give him to this woman. He then said that maybe his aunt would want him as she is single and loves cats but doesn’t have any. I asked him if he had called her and he said no, I urged him to hurry up and call her as I am stuck hiding in the bedroom with my baby as I can’t trust the cat anywhere near her. He then said he wants to keep the cat. I feel like I am going to have to keep the cat!! What do I do? PFA