Period or not?

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Ok so I miscarried on Feb.15th and only bled for about a week and 2 days hubby and I have been having sex ever since the bleeding stopped which was on the 24th. Monday the 4th I started spotting I thought it was my period starting but I’m not really sure if it is or not. I spotted light pink Monday & have been on & off spotting brown ever since. Like I stopped spotting Tuesday in the morning nothing at all in the afternoon & than spotted again Wednesday same thing over again & then Thursday once again same thing. I have no pain what so ever. I thought it was my period because my legs were hurting on Monday a little but idk what to think it is. My belly bloat hasn’t went down at all ever since my miscarriage where as my first two my body went back to normal a few days into the bleeding. This miscarriage I had on & off bleeding too after I passed the baby. Anybody have this happen to them? Down below pictures of how my belly was 2 days ago