So, my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a year now. I’m 23 and he’s 22. The other day he sent me this video on vaccines. About how vaccines are bad for you blah blah blah... I asked my how I felt about vaccines and I said “I want my kids to have vaccines.” Then, I asked him how he feels about vaccines.. He said he feel like we don’t need them because it’s not natural and it’s chemically engineered. He also said because of his personal experience.. He stated when he was 5 he’s only been vaccinated for chicken pox, measles and mumps.. he said the vaccine does more harm than good because “Why would you inject you body with a disease and have your body fight it off. So, at this point I was like I’m still going to vaccinate my kids. I also asked him how will this work if we have kids because I want to vaccinate and he doesn’t. He said “It’s not really a deal breaker for him because if I want to vaccinate he doesn’t mind.” But other side of me is thinking he might change his mind if we have kids together.