On pill 6 yrs. Take religiously. Never had guy cum in me w/o condom..

I've been on the pill for 6 years. I take it religiously, at most a few minutes late than the exact time. I've never had a guy cum in me w/o a condom... I really want to experience it. There is someone special to me who I love and loves me very much as well, and we've known each other our whole lives. We're together. I deeply want to experience this with him, and so does he but he'd NEVER pressure me into it. Since I take my pill religiously, how likely am I to get pregnant if I let him cum in me? I'll be almost a full week into my active pills again, because I'll be starting my new pack when I go see him. Will I be safe? I'm terrified of getting pregnant which is preventing me from fully trusting my pill's effectiveness, and I've been told I'm on a medium dose, but also that dosage has nothing to do with effectiveness..