Can’t wrap my mind around it


So I took a pregnancy test 2 weeks ago before Aunt Flo was even close to due and got a faint positive then a week later and same thing (these were all with the .88 cent tests from Walmart). on Tuesday I decided to test again and bought a first response test and got another faint line. It was much darker than the first two that I took but it was still faint. Anyways, every time I go to the bathroom I keep checking for my period because I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I am pregnant. I’m going to take another test on Monday and then call my doctor. This will be my first pregnancy and according to glow I am 5 weeks and 1 day today🤗 I’m so excited but for some reason I keep checking for period because I feel like with my luck every test was a false positive (which I know one is RARE much less 3). I mean I KNOW I am pregnant, I have every symptom and my morning sickness is getting worse, it woke me up twice last night but I guess I just was curious if anyone else couldn’t wrap their mind around it at first and how long did it take you to finally realize it was real?