AF, BFP, Ectopic, or something else?


Super strange symptoms this month! Breasts haven become severely sensitive. I’ve been slightly congested and blood in my tissue when I blow my nose. The grocery store smelled AWFUL. I could smell my boyfriends beer from across the room. I had an 11 day LH surge (much darker test line than control lines) CM has remained heavy and watery (never creamy like it normally does in the second half of my cycle). Left sided cramps super mild for about 2-3 days. Today when checking CM very light brown/ orangish/pinkish spotting. Never would have known if I didn’t check my CM. AF due in 5-6 days (normally 28/ 29 day cycle but my long LH surge has my calendar a bit wonky). My body just hates me this month I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️ I appreciate any opinions!