Mama drama !


So today something completely embarrassing happened! 😩 I was sat with my mum today and I was scrolling through the pictures of my new savanna kitten (pic inserted obvs) and then up pops the picture I’ve added of my positive ovulation tests 😩 ... background info on my mum, first baby at 32, was married first and doesn’t agree with the thought of anyone under like the age of 30 having a baby so the thought of her 19 year old daughter planning one with her boyfriend (who she already has a house with ect with a full time modelling job , boyf a tattooist) mortifies her! She has made it very clear in the past that she doesn’t want me to have kids younger than 30 ect ect , anyways when she asked me why I was taking opks , aren’t I on birth control I said “I’m taking them to track my cycle as I stopped taking my pill because it was causing issues” I don’t think she believes me haha! It’s so upsetting that I’ve never had a close relationship with my mum , never been able to talk about periods or sex, nothing, I hate that she’s so judgemental and it’s the only thing that scares me about having a baby 😅 having to tell my mum 😂 have any of you had to tell your mums who knew they weren’t going to be happen about the news 😬 please help me 😅