Small problem and a rant... Ugh

I plan on going to the gyno so I can find out why penetration hurts and has always done so, and I'm doing this because I want to feel normal and have a chance at living a better life, but most importantly I want answers.

I have a boyfriend, we've been together for a few months now and I know that not being able to have sex due to this condition it's frustrating and it sucks and I feel extremely guilty about it all. Well, he's been saying things that bother me like "I thought you would at least try so we can at least have a sex life" or "if you go, and get into trouble it would be worth it to fuck" like I get he's sexually frustrated, but it's starting to make me feel shittier than I already do and like all his mind is stuck on right now is me going to the doctor just so we can have sex.

The problem that I have is not his snide remarks, it's the fact that I'm doing this behind my parents backs (I'm 21). I discussed everything with the office and they said that I may or may not have a co-payment, but if there is a balance left over then they'll send a bill. Well.... If my parents get ahold of it I'll never hear the end of it. They flip their shit whenever I mention birth control or sex... Them finding out I'm going to the doctor will most likely have severe consequences. Idk... Do I just go and deal with getting in trouble? Or do I not go...?