I need to change

Today, I'm going to start taking full accountability of my health + fitness.

I'm a 22 year old in the worst shape of my life. I used to be very active back in high school but after I had to be pulled out due to harassment - I lost it. I feel disgusting.

My dietary habits have always been terrible. I grew up in an environment where eating out, sugary snacks, and overindulgence was an everyday occurence. Now that I have my own place I'm trying to make healthier choices and learn to cook. It's hard to break away from my past habits and it's still natural to reach for that extra handfull of chips or girl scout cookies.

Yesterday I went in with my guy friend to get a fitness orientation at my college's gym. He checked his weight and said he felt so overweight at 184lbs when he's 6'. I stepped on that scale afterwards and saw I was 180lbs, at only 5'3".. I felt so ashamed and embarassed.

Today I started tracking my meals and working out. I have a long way to go reach my goal of a healthy weight. And that it wont be easy. But I know I can't stop till I reach it.