So just to give a background story,

My finace and I have been together for 2 years and we have had our ups and downs. Like anyone we argue we have our disagreements and our big fights. But lately things were going great no arguments and one day he just turns and looks at me and says do you think we are good for each other I replied with shock what do mean ofcourse I do. And i asked him well what do you think and tells me he has fallen out of love with me i began to ball my eyes out he reassures me "i love you I'm not sure if i want to get married but i don't want you to leave I'm just not in love with you". What does that even mean. Fast forward a couple days later I ask him if we could talk when he gets home and he immediately replies what are you not happy I said I'd rather talk in person. He gets home and again says I'm not in love you and now he says I do love you i do wanna marry you i dont want you to leave so basicly the other day he didnt wanna get married or he wasnt sure... but he now he wants to.... but he says hes not in love with me but loves me and wants me to stay.

Idk what to do. I love him so dearly and I want things be normally again but how can I get passed this I'm gonna be so stressed thinking okay is he in love me now.... like wtf do I do. Do I leave because who stays with someone when they've told you I'm NOT in love you but I love you.