Mini pill causing pain and bleeding


I had my daughter October 27 and started the mini pill birth control since I was breast feeding in early January. I was told it’s the only kind for breast feeding

I hate birth control pills they make me breakout, Moody, depressed and cranky

Anyway. I don’t want another oopsie baby so I decided to start it. I’m almost done 3 months and have pretty much bled the whole time!!!

When I bleed it’s extreme . I soak through tampons in 30-60 mins and it can last a week at a time then stop for a few days and start again!

Also ...

I have been having extrem pains in my lower belly!!! So bad that I get chills, feel like vomiting and have a bit of diarrhea. It honestly feels like a contraction but obviously not as severe.

It brings me to tears and I curl up in pain

I told my doctor and asked to switch . Her response was “here’s 3 packages of a combination pill , they expire next month. Use them anyway but come back after you’re done and I’ll give you a prescription”

Is birth control even effective outdated !?!?

I’ve been stuck using my mini pills and have no new prescription plus this brand cost me $60 and I can’t afford that every 3 months

I’m just so frustrated and don’t want another baby this fast!

Any ideas ??