Can you get POF spam emails? *Update*


My fiance wouldn't admit to having an account. I never have made any dating website accounts so im not familiar with the whole thing, but we were on his email trying to upload documents & the email the person sent us went to spam & I saw a bunch of "POF" emails. I honestly kept reading "POF" as im looking for the person's name not realizing it was plenty of fish. It was until I looked over to the part where it said this girl liked your profile or msg this person or whatever. But when you open it, it seems fake because it has a link it wants u to click on & theres nothing else on the email. Idk if I should be concerned & dig into it or drop it. 🧐

I simply asked him he said they were fake because he never created an account but it had his Instagram username soooooo idk? He left for work & now that im alone im starting to think I should've have asked him more questions. I just want to figure out whether this is something recent or long ago before us.

Update 3/9

I let it go but while I was at work I felt like I got hit with reality. My concious kept telling me how stupid can I be to fall for his excuse, of course you need an account to get emails.

Well thank you ladies for being kind but im very heart broken i cant stop crying im 26 weeks pregnant & this asshole lied to me, told me he never had an account, the emails are fake, he would never do our daughter dirty like that. That's what hurts the most is that he swore on his daughter. I have 2 months left of work until I can go to my moms. Meanwhile idk how to tell him i feel or how to tell him I found out.

I was able to find out the msgs were from last month this yr so im not blind anymore by his lies.