Best sex EVERRR

I see my boyfriend every week & we usually have sex, but this time I saw him was SOOOO different

He came in and he immediately grabbed me and started kissing me like fuck I’m already getting so wet

Then he pushes me onto the bed and does that thing where he’s pinning me down by putting his hands on top of mine and just kisses me ALL OVER

He rips my pants off & starts fingering me like crazy omg it was amazing & I felt like I was going to cum already

He stopped to take his clothes off and that’s when I went in to do him some good 😏

After he puts it in so slow then BAM he is going so hard, I feel it go SO deep inside of me I just scream because it’s never felt so good and I cum INSTANTLY & he didn’t stop at all he kept going then he flipped me over so we could go doggy and it was even better!!! I felt myself squirting but he just kept going and my legs felt like spaghetti and I could barely even keep up it was so good

He closes me legs and starts fucking me so hard & I could feel his dick about to cum and it was perfect because I was gonna cum AGAIN & we both came together and then we took a long ass nap & did it again