Eviction notice landlord claiming we didn't pay 5 months.

Our landlord is bringing us to court because he said we didn't pay for 5 months. We paid November and December 2018 in full plus the fee of $25. Yes, we were supposed to pay every 1st of the month. But we couldn't, so we paid November on 11/29 and December on 12/19 including the late fees of $25 each month. We live in NJ. As far as my research goes, it says as long as within the month and you paid for the late fees, you're good. Now. We didn't pay January, Feb and March as we are both waiting for our taxes to come so we can pay. My partner lost his job in December. That was his first job and was there for 6 whole years. We just had a baby about less than a year ago and we both are trying to get back up on our feet. I am currently doing interviews to get a job.

Now my question is, can we still pay January, Feb and Mar now since we just got our taxes TODAY. Or do we need to go to just go through with the court? Our court date is on the 26th. Also, does anyone know if my research is accurate that as long as we paid the rent of the same month plus the late fee, we are good?

Thank you all so much in advance.


Thank you for all the responses. Truly appreciate it. I have the receipts for November and December paid in full with late fees paid as well. We did let him that when our taxes comes, we will give him all that we owe. We texted him and also verbally agreement that we will pay him as soon as it arrives. But then we checked the date we spoke to him and texted him, it was the very next day that he filed the eviction notice.