So tonight I met a customer at my work and she was buying some HPT, and I couldn’t help but start a conversation with her about how a previous customer had a coupon for a free one. She made the statement “Well this is where most of my money goes.” and she looked at her son and he smiled up at her. I learned that she has been trying for 7 years after her firstborn because they want to welcome another beautiful human into this world. My heart aches for her tonight as I started to think about all of the people in his world who have spent endless days/months/years trying to make their own precious family. I want anyone to know.. I will be praying for you all. I wished her the best and told her, “Well I pray that this is your month.” and she continued to thank me. I want to pray for every person trying. Whether it be a new couple, a couple who is trying to expand, homosexual couples who want the experience of a family.. I pray that you all have that. I’m still young; I’m only 18 and I have so much learning to do, but I’m using this as a learning experience. I’ll learn that no matter how hard I want something, I will keep trying my best to get it and speak to God everyday and thank him for the journey he has given me. I pray that anyone going through a hard time makes it. I pray that any couple, or individuals, trying to have a baby, gets their wish. I’ll pray for you, but please pass this along because so many good things come back to you when you take a small amount of time to pray for others.