FTM cervical dilation question!!!!

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Okay so i know you can be dilated for weeks before anything happens , however I’d like to note that this is quite different in my eyes..

I’m a FTM, I’m 19, 37 weeks pregnant (putting that out there as age can affect certain things), and at my 36 week apt i was closed! My OB said it was closed “nice and tight” i was only effaced. He also told me not to worry cause “first time mothers usually don’t dilate until early labor or right before labor starts “

Fast forward to this week (the last three days) .

I had a night of false labor , contractions 5 mins apart that lasted until the next day and went to L&D the next morning (yesterday) to make sure the baby wasn’t in distress and to see what was going on.

Get there ,and they check me and I’m still closed tight and just effaced. My contractions were at 10 mins apart at that time and they just told me that everything was good . Baby looked great!

So then today (the next day) i go to my dr apt , and he checks my cervix and stops and asks me

What i was when they checked me yesterday. I told him they told me i was still “ completely closed and effaced

He then says “interesting well, you’re 1 cm today”

And then goes on to tell me that if i go into labor that he won’t stop it because I’m past the 36 week mark. And told me to go home and do whatever i need to do to get things going.

My OB is usually the type to be like “you’re not going into labor , you’re fine etc” so it was a bit of a surprise to hear him say that.

He agreed that i could be in the early stages.

Since this week, i have had so much pressure in my pelvis, so many contractions and she is engaged. I get these period like cramps in my lower back that spread to my legs and today it was worse. She’s like right on my cervix and it hurts when she moves.

My question for when you had your first baby is..

did you dilate right before labor or in early labor ? Cause i feel like it’s interesting to be completely closed the day before and then dilated after having false labor.