Help PLEASE! I’m going crazy...

Nina (mama to 2 beebees & 1 on the way in November

Okay so. I posted a few days ago asking if you guys saw the lines. Thankfully you did t.... but ... Friday is when AF was supposed to arrive. I’m speaking that beeotch stays away for 9 months.


I keep seeing ladies testing around the same with with darker lines than me. I have read too much about chemical pregnancies and evap lines but I have taken about 30 of these strips and 2 each of FR and CB .. both show faint lines as well.

Am I testing too early? Am I in my head? I’m trying to stay calm and just trust I am pregnant... but I’m scaring myself I think. WHEN should my lines actually be dark ☹️🥺

I’m so sorry if anyone thinks I’m wasting their time. I’m just scared.