Red silk part 2

I kneel before him and start to pleasure his throbbing dick, he tilts my head so he can see my face while I gag on him being inside of my mouth, I want to make him cum on those tits that he made tingle but he has other ideas.

He pushes me away and gets me to stand up, and throws me to the bed, with my face down to the mattress I can’t see what he’s doing behind me, he raises my arms from by my side.

I feel something soft; silky, nice go around my wrists until they are tight and i can’t wriggle my wrists apart, I can feel my pussy get wetter I am gagging for him to slip that hard dick in my pussy.

He arches my back up so he has a perfect view of my tight pussy and ass, I feel his finger caress over my spine and then to my bum cheek, im covered in goosebumps; i feel something wet going around my ass hole and he stops for a minute “Don’t move” I hear the drawer behind me, and he slips a finger in my tiny ass and teases me, i giggle a little, he takes his finger away and fills my ass with a butt plug, it takes me by surprise for a minute but the pleasure going through is amazing.

“Chris, I want fucked by you” he replies “I know you do, but I have every right to leave you tied on this bed with that pussy dripping wet”

I start to beg for what I want, something I never wanted to do.

He starts to rub my clit again and I feel him come on to the bed behind me, and in a second I feel his throbbing dick inside my pussy, “wow” he lifts my top half off the bed till we are both kneeling pulsing inside of me, he starts kissing my neck one hand playing with my tit and the other rubbing my clit!

I moan, my body is going crazy for him and I cum all over his dick, my body shakes as the orgasm takes over me, “that’s a good girl” he whispered, I feel his throbbing dick cum in my tight little pussy.

I fall back into the bed as he unties my red silk nightie from my hands kissing behind my neck whilst he removes the butt plug.