Movement 3rd Trimester


I’m 30 weeks today and on the weekend my little girl was moving like crazy, I felt her all day rolling around and kicking. Then Monday comes around and it’s completely different. And I feel like it’s decreased since. Yesterday I felt her here and there and I laid down on my left side and was poking my stomach and she started to move around like normal. Today I feel her but it’s so faint that if I wasn’t just laying here paying close attention I would miss it.

I hate to think of calling my midwife and bothering her for something that’s fine. But I guess my question is, is it still okay if I only feel her at one period of a day (Ex: only at night) and if her movements are super faint or is faint movements a sign of distress?

It doesn’t help that I’m home everyday just focusing on her movements now.

Worried mama!