Miscarriage experience- very informative if you’re experiencing it yourself ❤️


I know sometimes ladies are looking for others experiences to relate to so here is mine from this morning.

I was diagnosed with a missed miscarriage initially. (March 1 ultrasound, March 6, March 13) I had no bleeding, no cramping, no outward sign anything was wrong, but the baby had stopped growing. I should have been 9.5 weeks and baby stopped at 6.2. So yesterday they scheduled me for a d and c today.

But, Yesterday I started the process of miscarrying naturally at home. It was painful, and shocking. I wasn’t prepared for it. I started bleeding at 11 am, passed the intact gestational sac- easily seen- about 4pm, continued to pass lots of clots, very crampy, increased pain in the evening, needed to take pain med.

I went in this morning like they wanted for the d and c. I had three vials of blood drawn, an iv started, and then was sent to ultrasound to see if they could still see tissue or if a d and c could be avoided. Dr also came into the ultrasound room with me. After showing her the picture of my intact sac, and seeing the ultrasound (lots of blood and clots still present but nothing major left for d and c purposes) she said I would be okay to receive an injection that contracts the uterus and will help expel everything left. She gave me a bag of fluid, pain medicine, and then an injection into my hip to contract my uterus. And yes that hurt getting it and hurt really bad once it kicked in.

Since I still had the sac from yesterday I was offered genetic testing and did send the sac off with another vial of blood to see if we can get answers back on if there was a genetic reason this happened. It may sway our future plans if it comes back we aren’t genetically compatible and have an increased risk of a special needs child. This was our second loss. (First was ectopic though).

Aftercare instructions; pain med as needed (Percocet), rest, bleeding may last from 2-4 weeks. Nothing in the vagina for 2 weeks. Wait until after the first “true” unquestionable if it’s a period period and then we may start on clomid to help fertility. I also will have my hcg level rechecked on Monday.

I hope this can help someone looking for information ❤️