Subchorinic Hemhhorrage

Hey ladies. Looking for some encouragement or simar stories.

At 6 weeks I got up to go to my son who was crying in his room. I thought I peed and ran to the bathroom instead. I wiped, looked down, and noticed the toilet was full of blood. I thought for sure I was miscarrying again for a minute, but the I thought about it and realized no, I don't think I am. I wasn't experiencing any pain, and the blood was thin and flowing had no clots. It was done by the morning. Two days later my doctor suggested I get labs done, and those numbers looked good. At 7 weeks 1 day, I had this super uncomfortable shoulder pain all day. It reminded me exactly of the referred shoulder pain I had after my C-section...basically something is wrong in your abdomen but your shoulder is totally fine. Given the bleeding and the pain the who was in that day scheduled me for an ultrasound later that afternoon.

The ultrasound was wonderful at the time. We saw my sweet little nugget, measuring exactly correctly, with a strong heart flickering away at 143. I got nervous though when I saw another sac (I have one year old twins already). She looked and looked and there was no baby in the second sac. The doctors believe it is actually a subchorionic hemorrhage or hematoma, which is a pocket of blood. This could either bleed out slowly or be absorbed by my body, or it could fall out quickly and take the pregnancy with it. I am being told to "take it as easy as possible" which is difficult because then it's up to me to determine what that means. Anyway. Looking for some positive stories of good outcomes with a pretty large SCH. It was almost the same size as the gestational sac at 7w1d.