Need advice please!


I have a really wierd situation here, and need some advice.

I am 11 days late, and getting 5 positive opks(more than positive darker line i would say) for 5 days in a row now.

I also tested on the $ store hots and they are negative.

So I am having a very wierd nausea kind of headache and yesterday I had two long episodes of lightheadedness where i felt like i am drunk eniugh to stop my car and call 911, for which i was lucky enough to reach back home safely as I was very close.

My doctor doesn’t seem interested in meeting me or ordering any tests for me and said “I am sorry you are not feeling well, you can have a phone appointment with me or your PCP or you can go to emergency if you need”

I told every freaking thing about ky symptoms from day one of my late periods.

Can somebody suggest me what should I do? Should I wait for AF or test with some new test(which I am unsure as I am short in finances right now and dont want to waste money unnecessarily and doubt if this will be worth it as none of the tests in the stores have good reviews).


Any suggestion is welcome!