Don’t know what to do next

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So I am currently almost 7 weeks postpartum and I had unprotected sex with my husband on 3/3. I decided to take a pregnancy before starting the pill and I got a slight positive (about 6pm) so I waited a few hours for my urine to build up and took another and it was positive as well ( 10 pm-ish). We decided we wanted to know for sure so my husband ran out and bought the first response early detection stick test with a digital. I took the digital at midnight and it said no. Well this morning I took another test and it came back positive. So I fell asleep and about 6 hours later I took the first response test and it came back with a slight line. I’m not sure what to do. Do I take another digital or do I call it a positive and call my dr?

1st test

2nd at 10 pm

Digital at midnight

3rd at 7 am

And just now at 1 pm