Maternal love ❤️

I am afraid that I will no be a great mother. I lack maternal love, when I was a child my father and mother divorced. My father who is the most amazing man in this universe brought me and my 2 siblings to this country with my mothers signed permission. She gave him full custody. She never called us for birthdays or Christmas. Never checked in on us, thankfully my dad met an amazing woman who is my step mother, she raised us the best way she could, she was not perfect. She likes to manipulate people to get what she wants, I love her but that’s the truth.

I am afraid because not having a great example for a mother makes me question my ability. My father taught me self love, respect, self responsibility and independence. He molded me to who I am today, with the help of my step mom, who did the same.

My step mom finally had her daughter after 13 years of trying, and she decided to abandon her and leave her with me a then 16 yr old child for 2 years. I was shocked because she was such a great parent to me. She’s still leaving my sister everywhere and it bothers me.

I feel like I won’t give my baby the best life since I’ve never had a great example of a mother. I got married my step mom didn’t help, I had to plan it on my own. I’m pregnant and my step mom hasn’t even offered to help with the baby shower. I don’t even know where My biological mom is.

It’s such a sad situation and I resent both my moms for this, my father has always been supportive of me. I see friends who’s mothers are there for them, and plan for them <a href="">nurture</a> them and i feel so sad because I don’t have a person to do that for me.

Pregnancy has made me resent my mothers more. I would never treat my baby the way they treated me.

I’m just venting my worries.

If you have a mother that’s there appreciate her, because there’s a lot of us out there who don’t. ❤️💕