Best U.S. Formula for reflux


Hi! We just adopted a beautiful little girl 2.5 months ago and I’m hoping for formula suggestions. She has pretty bad reflux and is on the max dose of meds two times per day. She was born in Korea, and started in the hospital on a brand there no one could tell me where to buy. Then, over the course of the next 2 months, we tried the basic Similac, Alimentum, and Pro-Sensitive. None of them help, and her reflux continues to get worse.

We had a friend donate 3 weeks’ worth of breast milk for her, and she did great on it. Still had reflux, but it was much less severe, and she did so much better. Unfortunately, their stash ran out, and we can’t afford to buy from a bank ($4.50/oz!!!), and we don’t currently have any other donor contacts.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a formula that they’ve found particularly similar in texture/taste/substance to breast milk? Or one that they’ve found beneficial for reflux-y babies?

Located in the US, so most of the fancy European brands I read about on here aren’t available here to buy, unfortunately. Looked into goats milk formulas, but they apparently are FDA recommended for babies 12+ months old here in the states, and our girl is only 2 months. Have considered Plum, Gerber Soothe, and Enfamil Gentlease but haven’t tried them yet. Hoping for thoughts on these, and any others!

I’m a FTM with no experience here, so any suggestions are much appreciated! :) Thanks in advance!