Are you kidding me?!


Does anyone else get nowhere when they call the on call doctor/ midwife at the hospital after hours? Every time I call they treat me like I am completely stupid and I tell me I can completely fine. It’s going on 2 hours and I have been having lighting crotch pains on and off every 30 seconds to 3 minutes the pains are super intense to the point i can breathe, talk, or walk. They have me in tears and each one lasts from 6 seconds to 10 seconds long of just pain. She told me I need to drink more water which I have drank over 30 oz in the last 4 hours and to take a bath or shower which I have done already along with walking, switching positions, etc. She also told me only to call back if the pain gets worse and I can time them better because I could be having contractions. I’m very upset and tried not to wake my husband but that didn’t happen. Sorry rant over!!!