Struggle to stay positive

It’s really hard to stay positive. I like to convince myself that there is no way I can be pregnant because I don’t want to disappoint myself or my partner. And for the first time this month I feel different I just don’t want to be mistaken. I feel like a pulling or a pressure in my pelvic that won’t go away and it feels like when you have a full bladder but I just don’t have to go. Sorry if that is TMI. And my breast have been sensitive and sore since the 2nd of this month and wearing a bra just makes my nipples hurt and sting, I’m bloated but not lightly like PMS more just super bloated my wedding ring is tight for the first time and I just now got super nauseas yesterday and today, I’m late 3 days but that could be anything, i usually have like really regular clock work periods, but it can be stress or something, I’m not stressed out about much but I don’t know. I’m sorry I am babbling I just need someone to say I’m crazy and to stop over thinking it. I’m 11 DPO please someone tell me if you have experienced these things and have been pregnant or haven’t been pregnant. Thank you and again sorry I am babbling I like to talk lol.